Important otp thing:

Who cries at the wedding

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THIS IS DONE! I had a lot of fun with these…16 hours that those both took me. 

I made it look if it was a show on tv??? with subtitles?? ye

I hope they all four enjoy and see this! :D <3


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Excuse my poor English! again ~ Thanks 
I always thought their friendship was based on their endless "Best Brother Award" discussion… maybe.

Well, maybe not.

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jazz for ur chichinashi

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when it turns 6am when they’re right outside your door




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Favorite anime openings/endings
         ↳No.6 ED -  Rokutousei no Yoru 

"I thank you, for having found me even though I am such a small constellation"

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step one: dont fall in love with any more videogame characters 

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