- me: : *hot guy passes me by*
- me: : *does the rin matsuoka-kissing-noise effect* Tch, tch, tch.


T o g a m i  - B y a k u y a  / Super High School Level Heir

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Here’s some settei (animation artwork) of various Sailor Moon items! These were all taken from my personal artbooks and scanned and edited by me.

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Europe Getting Some Seriously Sexy Pokemon ORAS Steelboxes

Those lucky ducks. 

And if you preorder your game from the official Nintendo UK Store, you get a Primal Groudon or a Primal Kyogre figurine depending on which version you get. 

No word on a stateside release of these steelbook editions. Cross your fingers and pray to Arceus that we’re graced with them come November. [❤]

Preorder: Pokemon ORAS, Pokemon 24 figure set $ $8

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Artist: wakaba
Title: Daisy-オルゴールアレンジ-
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This Teddie-san snowman is so cool!   (◠‿◠✿)

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My favourite fighting style is Large Imposing Bear (x)

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Talking to the culprit in a game that you’ve already beaten like


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Komori Yui my precious baby

I love that the instant she realizes she’s in danger she responds in the most appropriate way: by backing down or fleeing. Her sense of self-preservation and her intelligence are clear there because she literally cannot fight back..

I mean c’mon. They’re vampires. She’s a human girl. She shuts her mouth and puts up with their abuse or tries to get away because that’s the safest thing and all she can do.

And yet she never comes to hate them. Sure, Yui doesn’t like it, and she’ll hold it against those Sakamakis, but she never comes to hate them. That’s not weak, that takes a kind of strength almost no one has.

This girl is my baby and I will defend her to the end.

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